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Finding the right lift rental company for your needs can be difficult. What kind of features should the lift have? Can I access it remotely? If the company I am leasing this lift from trust worthy? Can this lift be used both inside and outside. These are just some of the questions you might have before renting a Bluelift B72 from a company. Give us a call and we’ll answer all of your questions and doubts.

Why Choose Bluelift B72

What makes so sure that the B72 is the right lift for your needs. We think so because the B72 is the first ever compact lift in the USA that combines both combustion engine and lithium battery power. The B72 is easy to operate and can be used for both indoor and outdoor application. The Bluelift B72 comes with features like: – Automatic outrigger setting and leveling, ability to set up on uneven surfaces, computerized control, can be used both indoor as well as outdoors. 

We are so confident in this lift that our painting company Moorhouse Painting also uses the B72 lift for all their painting needs.

Bluelift B72 Specifications

Height: 72ft

Max Outreach: 36ft

Load Capacity: 440 lb

Width: 3ft 1in

Overal Height: 6ft 6 in

Total weight: 6600 lbs

For a more detailed breakdown of all the b72 lift specs, check out the brochure



Features of the B72 Lift

Automatic Stability and Controls – the lift comes with automatic stability features 

Non marking tracks – B72 can be used both indoor and outdoor

Size – width of only 3ft1in, 2 person basket, 


Full outreach with 440lbs

Honda iGx440 15HP engine

Wireless control

Adjustable tracks


Automatic turret center stop

160(+80) basket roation

Why choose MrLft for B72 lifting rental?

So you may be wondering why choose us as a rental. As a company who also use these lift, we understand what you as a customer need and wish we had from rental companies when we were starting out. So everything we will provide for you regarding customer advice and usage will be from our own personal experience. And we have 100% guarantee that you will like what the bluelift b72 can do for you. 

BlueLift at Work

BlueLift Being Used in Park City

Size of BlueLift for indoor

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